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Shawn TalbotShawn Talbot: 

Is a country and mountain man from a very young age. He loves being outdoors fishing, hiking, and camping. He has been riding a snowboard for 15 years. Within the last few years Shawn's taken an interest in photography and gravitates towards nature, wildlife, and putting himself as deep in the woods as possible. He's looking forward to the future and pushing his limits. Shawn always says, "It’s amazing what we can accomplish if we just stay positive."






Josh EdwardsJosh Edwards: 

Josh Edwards is a Utah local and  the newest addition to our team. He has a sweet smooth style that flows so well over any feature. Josh as distinguished himself as a fan favorite by winning sponsorship deals through viewer choice competitions and being an all around nice guy. He will school you in the park and the classroom. Welcome Josh, to the FBC team!